ThetaHealing ~ Theta healing...Identify & resolve limiting beliefs on Health, Love and abundance issues with ThetaHealing. A simple and effective alternative healing developed by Vianna Stibal.
Instead of testimonionals, their are Theta Stories...
I was a invited to a Reiki retreat at the end of September 2005 by my Reiki teacher. At the retreat, the owners of the retreat had a german shepard dog. The dog was old and had a bad hip and a bloodshot left eye. The owners of the dog asked for healing on the dog. I asked permission from owner and the dog for a ThetaHealing session. Both the owner and the dog said "yes". First, I performed a ThetaHealing body scan on the dog. I looked at the legs, paws and body. I saw a blue spot on the dog's right hip. The blue spot indicates pain to me. I performed ThetaHealing on that blue spot by visualizing mending the muscles in a stiching motion. I asked the higher source if the process had finished. Once I received, "yes" from a higher source I disconnected from the healing process. During the session I recieved a message from a Hgher Source and the word was "relax" for the dog. The dog was 14 years old, yet the dog thinking it was still young." Relax and take it easy you are not young anymore." The next day, I asked the owner how the dog was after the ThetaHealing Session. The owner said the bloodshot eye went away and the dog slept for most of the day.


I was performing a ThetaHealing body scan on a client. I saw a green spot underneath her left breast. This was the first time I had ever seen a green spot in my healing experience. I was curious. She saw that I was curious, and then she lifted part of her tee shirt where I saw the green spot and showed me a tattoo of the Hawaii islands underneath her left breast. The green spot I saw was her retreat location! We both chuckled.

ThetaHealing has kicked-up my intuitive attributes.

I was at an autowreckers looking for used parts for my car. There must have been 500 cars in the yard. I was short on time, so I went up in theta and asked what row the car was in. Is the car on the first row? "No" Is the car on the second row? "Yes". I then walked down the second row and the car was there.

I was at my friend's metaphysical store. I saw a picture of her in my mind, with reading glasses on and busy looking for something and the word "bill" came to mind. I asked her, "Are you looking for a bill or do you have to pay one ?". She said "both". I have been looking for a bill for hours. About half way through her sentence, the letter "C" came to mind. I told her to look under the folder "C". She went back to her desk and said "I'll try it". Then I heard "Oh, my god, I found it". She shook her head in disbelief.



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